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Special instructions

Product maintenance

Francesco Tramontano's jewellery is made of 925 silver and brass. The colour of the metal is natural, not treated or subjected to galvanic baths or rhodium-plating. The 925 silver may be burnished or dipped in gold, as required.

We love making jewellery from these materials because of their durability and ability to transform. At the same time, however, they require some care and attention to preserve their beauty over the years.

Properties of silver jewelry

Francesco Tramontano's jewellery is made of 925 silver, sometimes burnished to enhance every detail or dipped in 18-carat yellow gold.

Silver can react chemically in contact with external agents such as sea water, thermal and sulphurous water, water with a strong presence of chlorine, creams and perfumes. In some cases, the acid PH of the skin or an excessively humid environment can cause chemical reactions that lead to the jewel turning black.

The 18-carat yellow gold bath will tend to wear out over time, since it is a surface bath.

Properties of brass jewelry

Brass reacts differently depending on the degree of acidity of the wearer's skin; it may darken and leave a greenish tinge on the skin. This is completely normal and is not harmful to the person wearing it. Like silver, it is very sensitive to contact with external agents (air, water, perfumes, creams...).

The state of oxidation is superficial and does not affect the jewel and can therefore be easily restored.

All metals are nickel-free in accordance with current international regulations.

How to properly maintain silver and brass rings, pendants and earrings

We recommend storing items in drawers or jewellery boxes in order to protect them from dust and dirt and to avoid humid places to slow down the oxidation processThe oxidation layer can be easily removed by rubbing 925 silver and brass jewellery with a silver polishing cloth. You can buy the cloths in cleaning shops or on our website. 

For purchases over €100, the cloth is sent free of charge.

The 18k yellow gold bath must be restored with a new bath.

Ask for a restoration

We are pleased to offer cleaning and repair for most of Francesco Tramontano's jewellery. You can visit our stores in Milan or in Naples to request: size changes, cleaning, polishing and repair of jewellery.

For any further information on jewellery repairs and care, please contact the number +39 3383879208 or write an email to