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How are Tramontano jewels made?
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The Tramontano jewelry collection is handcrafted. Traditional manufacturing techniques serving a modern design.

Our jewelry is made of 925 silver and natural and untreated brass. We appreciate and value the properties of these materials, mutable and resistant at the same time.

The pieces are designed to be worn every day and in any kind of events and do not require extraordinary maintenance. Just a few small routine tricks are enough to ensure that your jewelry retains its beauty over time.

How do I choose the right ring size?
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On our website Tramontano Gioielli you can find a practical and detailed guide to choose the right size of your jewelry.

What are the particular characteristics of brass?
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Brass in contact with the skin and with an acid PH can lead to the formation of marks. This type of reaction is well known and is a characteristic of the material. Frequency and magnitude of the phenomenon depend on multiple factors and are therefore not predictable.

We recommend that you take particular care of your brass items: do not wear brass jewelry when cleaning with chemicals, sports or swimming pool; do not let the jewelry in contact with perfumes, creams or detergents.

Do silver and brass contain nickel?
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The silver and brass used for our jewelry do not contain nickel.

How can I take care of my jewelry?
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Our jewels, worn with care on a daily basis, do not require special maintenance, especially if they are periodically cleaned gently and stored properly.

Silver and brass, however, tend to oxidize in contact with external agents (air, humidity, pollution, skin perspiration, chlorine, sulfur, perfumes, creams, detergents...). These can cause a reduction of brightness. A good habit to preserve your jewels is to store them separately in soft and clean sachets or individual cases, and store them in dry places, away from heat sources and protected from agents that may affect them.

We also recommend that you take care of your jewelry by periodically rubbing it with the appropriate cloths for silver in order to remove the surface oxidation layer that in any case does not affect the material.

How do I protect the strings of pendants and bracelets from wear?
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It is good practice to limit contact with agents such as water, thermal water, soap, cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, chlorine and other similar substances that may cause the fabric to lose color or deteriorate, compromising the integrity of the object.

Are there models that I can tighten or widen even by myself?
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Some of the rings in our collection have spiral or open bases. However, we recommend proceeding with the purchase of the ring knowing the right size because forcing the jewelry manually in an attempt to widen or tighten them could lead to breakage or deformation.

I have lost one earring, is it possible to buy a single piece?
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You can buy a single earring if lost. To check if your model is available and make the purchase, please contact our customer service.

How do shipping and payment methods work?
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We have created a special page that contains all the information and costs. If you do not find the answers to your questions, you can contact us directly.

Do you also ship abroad?
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Of course we do. We ship our products all over Europe.

How can I receive discounts, promotions and all the information about products and collections?
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It's simple, just subscribe to our Newsletter. You will immediately receive an exclusive 10% discount code to use on our shop and you will be updated on all the news and promotions of Francesco Tramontano Gioielli.

Are there also physical retail stores?
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Yes, Tramontano Gioielli is available in Naples and Milan with two physical stores where you can buy our products. Our online shop is always in business. We ship all over Europe and you can receive comfortably your purchases.