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My story

I'm Francesco Tramontano, young Neapolitan craftsman.
My story is a story of tradition and passion. I was born from one family of artists and artisans, and I inherited the same attitude and interest in art and manual skills directly from them.

I have watched woods, metals and stones changing shape, transforming and going from raw material to extraordinary objects. Sculptures, paintings and bags are works that are part of my life, my childhood. First my grandfather, then my father.

In 2008 I opened my own jewelry workshop in Naples. A place where I could unleash my creativity and sell my productions. The first point of arrival after a long training period in the workshops of Neapolitan master goldsmiths.

Starting out by investing in my city of origin was fundamental. My homeland continues to inspire me and I love the idea of being able to contribute to a new Neapolitan creative springtime.

The success of the project has allowed me to broaden its boundaries and horizons: first in Milan, with a second store, and then online, while remaining faithful to my values of Mediterranean and craftsmanship, to bring the sea even where it doesn't exist.

My jewelry in silver and brass, is all exclusively handmade. Each piece is different from the other, it tells its own story, its peculiarities.

I find inspiration in a modern imagery but linked to traditional and family values. I tell about nature, I talk about the sea, I relate to animals but also mythological figures that are linked to our culture.