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The silver and brass bracelets are all handcrafted. Chains, rigid or semi-rigid bracelets, with or without pendants, for a wide choice of customizations and types.



The collection of handmade silver, gold-plated silver and brass earrings are the perfect example of Francesco Tramontano's vision. Unique handmade products designed to communicate the history and nature of the Mediterranean. Pendulum earrings, button earrings and hoop earrings alternate between our creations, available in different materials.

Gift Card

Gift Card

The best present for all jewels and accessories' lovers: choose the gift card you prefer, to purchase the handcrafted products by Francesco Tramontano Gioielli


Discover our selection of handmade brass and silver men's jewellery. Handcrafted rings, bracelets and pendants for the stylish, modern and confident man.
Collane e ciondoli

Necklace and pendants

Necklaces and pendants in silver and brass handmade by the Tramontano Jewelry workshop. Enjoy this line inspired by the Mediterranean. Match our chains to our pendants for a personal and unique result that speaks of you.

New Collection

Handmade jewellery narrating stories where nature and culture blend: discover Francesco Tramontano's latest handcrafted creations.


All our jewelry is handmade, processing materials such as silver gold-plated silver and brass. Simple but impactful lines, figures inspired by nature, geometric shapes and messages characterize a craftwork linked to the great jewellers tradition of the Neapolitan workshops.



Handmade brass and silver rings. A collection characterized by simple lines; figures inspired by nature and the sea, alternate with geometric shapes and symbols with multiple meanings.

Zodiac Collection

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